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I love the ellipsis…


Sorry solo reader…it took me a while to pry myself out of the ice with a spatula..but I’m back.  In all seriousness, I actually have a consistent 3 readers now (thank you so much) and have just been wicked busy.  I haven’t yet mastered the art of blogging and scheduling blogs or how to gain blog audiences. This is more just an outlet for me that maybe people will or won’t want to read that I may or may not give direction to at one point or another.  With all that being said, I will take the time now to give you a proper introduction.

I honestly forget what I wrote in my original intro…so again, I’m your ninja of the suburban variety.  I live pretty much in the same place I was born and raised, but that’s not to say that I’ve never left here…cause I have…but patience…I’ll tell you about that in a second.  I’m married with 2 sons, one who just turned 16 and one who will be 7 in March.  I’m not working right now, though I did go to school for Chemistry back in the day.  I’m a wife, mom, student of Psychology and life and whatever else you wanna throw at me. My husband travels pretty extensively for his job to far away lands which really isn’t conducive to me working outside of the home because my youngest son’s autistic and has appointments often while my older son and I have our own health issues that we deal with, which are nothing big deal, but things that require semi-regular treatment. Umm…let’s see.  Medically, I have killer migraines, some spinal injuries that need to be fixed at some point, PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) but I like to think I have it pretty mildly, along with wicked anxiety, some depression, and some crazy PTSD which stems from some nasty stuff that happened to me in my past at the hand of my brother, which I will gladly tell you all.  It’s nothing shameful for me and I’m very open about it. Haha.  I didn’t think I’d be telling 3 readers my medical issues.

I was married and divorced before and then remarried. We’ve been remarried for almost 14 years.  They haven’t been all Matt Damon (my term for peachy, great), but they’ve been worth it because at the end of the day he’s the guy I want to sleep with and wake up next to.  I will make it a point to tell you about the ups and downs and endless abysses of heartbreak that once was our marriage.  I actually met them both in the Army.  I was in the Army…neat right?  I went to basic training in Fort Jackson, SC where I met my first husband…we married in Aiken, SC when we were in AIT at Fort Gordon, GA on December 7, 1996 (should’ve seen that coming with it being the anniversary of the Attack on Pearl Harbor) and had the oldest a little over a year later then separated a few months after that.

What else…with me…what you see is what you get.  I’m typing to you in the exact same way I’d say this to you I only go back for typos and missed spaces.  I believe in conversational writing…I write enough formal papers for school that I say leave those beasts behind.  I love the ellipsis obviously…so much so that I should’ve been a lawyer, as they’re most commonly used in legal documents.  If you saw me…I don’t wear makeup unless it’s for special occasions or I’m just dying to wear makeup, both which are pretty rare.  I’ve been told I’m naturally beautiful. I don’t see it. I see a plain girl with wild and crazy brown hair and brown eyes that sometimes border on being almost black except for on the outer iris.  I’m 5’5″, 145ish, I’m usually wearing something I’m either wearing to the gym or something I’ve already worn to the gym…you have to smell me to see and likely a robe.  If I’m not in gym attire, I’m wearing pajamas, sometimes jeans and a shirt. I rarely wear dresses.  My identifying marks are freckles all over my eyelids and under my eyes, several scars, and a ninja with a throwing star tattooed on my left outer leg by my ankle bone.  🙂

I love to read, to write, to sit in silence, music of all kinds, I’m an avid collector of unread magazines and dust bunnies, I love Internet freebies and contests and just recently won 5 free Snickers bars that I probably won’t ever eat, but will buy for other people to eat.  I eat fairly healthy.  I live in a crappy house, which is a long, long story for another time, but if you have $100,000 or know someone that might want a charity case with a great story, send them my way.  I volunteer with a rape organization, I volunteer at my son’s school. I love both of those things. I’m fascinated by people in general and the way they work so sometimes I just sit on Facebook and observe my friends and family or watch people interact on like news articles.  I love my family, not just my husband and kids, but my parents and my 3 older brothers (even the bad one in my way, but he continues to be a perv even though I’m 35)…I’m the baby and only girl…well I have a niece, but in my immediate family. Hmm…I feel like I’ve told you my whole life story. If you have questions or concerns about anything, please ask.  I will answer pretty much anything or help you as much as I possibly can.  If I can’t help you, I guarantee I know someone that can.

Sorry for being long-winded…sorry for not blogging recently.  I promise I’ll write regularly.  I’m going to try to come up with a schedule like normal bloggers do.  It’s my goal this year to get into a good routine.  This will be part of it.  Consider yourself part of my experiment…mwhahaha.

❤ SN


Surviving the “Polar Vortex”

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that it was freezing ass cold today.  Schools were closed, including the schools of my 2 kids, and they are operating on a two-hour delay tomorrow, though there could be a potential threat of closing again, depending on whether it warms up.  I wish that I lived in some tropical place where it’s warm all the time, though I know the threat of hurricanes, tsunamis, and all that other weird tropical weather exists.  Instead…I’m trying to suck up the cold without being sucked into the vortex while dreaming of a warm, tropical place.

The house we bought, which is a long, long story for another day, was so piss poorly inspected that the inside of a lot of the house feels like the outside does and did.  I went into my office earlier to print some important documents and had frostnipped hands, snot pouring down my face, and watched as the wind blew with a fierceness inside the house at some plastic that contractors put up when they were tearing out parts of the house.  I also watched two mice jump from their nest area, which is nestled somewhere inside the brick addition, into the office, swiping spare insulation and taking it back with them.  A hundred thousand dollars worth of work to be done and no money to do it…no legal recourse…so we’re stuck in the polar vortex with a $350.00 plus a month heating bill, cold hands, and massive snot….not to mention a seriously broken house.

The plus is that any drink you put in certain rooms stay ice cold and scalding hot baths feel like normal temperature ones because the body is frozen, so there’s always a bright side.

Stay warm, my one lone reader…and try survive the vortex.  Layer, layer, layer and if you must, bring in a barrel, fill it with read magazines, and light that bitch on fire.  If you’re reading from a tropical place…you can go fuck yourself (or at the very least, invite me to visit).  🙂

– SN

Every day is a new today…

Though I could reflect on the past year, to be honest with you, it isn’t something that I’d like to think about or repeat any time soon. Though there were joyous moments, the trials and tribulations seemed to outweigh the good no matter how hard I tried to lay them to rest. I’ve decided that I’m hopping in my car and driving away, not looking in the rear-view, only holding on to the fond memories that were made and the lessons that were learned.

It’s time to start anew, not just today on New Year’s Day, but each and every day. Life is a beautiful yet painful journey with no guarantee of tomorrow. With that being said, every day is a chance at a fresh start or a new beginning, not just today. Make every day your today.

Wake up in the morning with the eyes of a child and go to sleep at night holding on to the little joys that every today brings to you. Drive away and leave the bad of today in your rear-view, no matter how impossible it seems to be to escape. Hold on to the lessons learned from that bad, but go about your new today without bearing the burden of the bad. Every today is a new beginning and that’s something that should not be forgotten no matter how much todays of the past have brought you down.

I wish each and every one of you a plethora of todays full of life, of health, of happiness, and of love.

Happy Today…with love from me.

– SN

And so it begins…

I’ve been meaning to blog for some time now, not for an audience necessarily, but for me.  I just haven’t had the time or focus – okay – I was just being lazy.  Not anymore – I’m here to stay, so I feel an introduction is in order.

I’m the suburban ninja, a moniker given to 11 years ago by a friend of mine due to my stealth, cunning, and my ability to kick life in the ass.  Right now I’m holding steady at 35 and I live in central Pennsylvania.  I’ve been married, both happily and unhappily, for 14 years.  I have two sons, one who just turned 16 and another who is 6.  I’m currently a student of Psychology as well as a student of life.  I’ve had enough experiences in my half-life to write a hundred books, but figured I’d write a blog instead.

Though this feels much like an introduction on a dating site and was rather bland, I hope that you stick with me and see what I have to offer.  Together we can make this a kick ass journey.