And so it begins…

I’ve been meaning to blog for some time now, not for an audience necessarily, but for me.  I just haven’t had the time or focus – okay – I was just being lazy.  Not anymore – I’m here to stay, so I feel an introduction is in order.

I’m the suburban ninja, a moniker given to 11 years ago by a friend of mine due to my stealth, cunning, and my ability to kick life in the ass.  Right now I’m holding steady at 35 and I live in central Pennsylvania.  I’ve been married, both happily and unhappily, for 14 years.  I have two sons, one who just turned 16 and another who is 6.  I’m currently a student of Psychology as well as a student of life.  I’ve had enough experiences in my half-life to write a hundred books, but figured I’d write a blog instead.

Though this feels much like an introduction on a dating site and was rather bland, I hope that you stick with me and see what I have to offer.  Together we can make this a kick ass journey.


About lifeofasuburbanninja

Just a ninja from the suburbs willing to share the good, bad and ugly of all aspects of my life. Sit back and enjoy the ride. Hopefully you learn something about yourself along the way. View all posts by lifeofasuburbanninja

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