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I feel a little famous…

Not as the Suburban Ninja…but as me…whatever my name may be…and it feels a little strange.  I started my volunteer PR gig with the sexual abuse organization and they made an announcement to their 244K fans on Facebook (and however many on other social media platforms) that mentioned my name and where I was from.  It was much different from my previous volunteer work where I was anonymous…a name that I chose.  Needless to say…I woke up the next day with about a million friend requests. I actually had to ask the organization to take it down.  There was no link to my personal page in the original announcement…people found me on their own because I liked the page at some point.  Now I’m working on a professional Facebook page so that I can receive friend requests through there and they can add me that way.  I felt like a total asshole declining requests…I actually had to explain why…but sometimes you want to keep your personal life separate and have some sense of anonymity..  I have nothing on my page that I know of that’s public with the exception of my profile pics which are all cute little random ninjas.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a picture of anything but a ninja in all the years I’ve been on Facebook.  It’s like keeping a picture up of Guy Fawkes…I prefer for people just strolling by to not know what I look like even though I’m not horrid or anything…it’s just a me thing.

Anyway…so far I like the volunteer gig.  Right now I’m basically going over everyone’s blog posts and their state-by-state redo of sexual abuse laws.  I fact check, make sure what they write won’t offend people, that it has proper spelling and grammar, things like that.  Because I’m new I still have to get into the swing of things.  I have a new campaign I’ll get in a few days and that’s when we’ll see what I’m really made of.  I’ve only been doing two hours a day.  I have my first overnight shift on Thursday.  That’s when I’ll probably encounter some problems with the crisis hotline, scheduling, and everything else.  I know I can handle it though.  I was either born or evolved to be able to handle everything…I haven’t decided what just yet.

Well my beautiful reader(s)…I have to get dressed and go to younger’s school so that I can play student teacher for a while.  I hope you have a stellar day and I will write some more soon.  I do have a lot to say.  ❤ – SN


White Out…

The weather’s been ridiculous lately.  The casa has probably seen about 2 feet of snow in the last 5 days with possibly more coming on Tuesday.  This makes me want to move to a cabana on the beach somewhere.  The only problem about that is I despise the ocean unless I can see the bottom of it…it has something to do with creepy crawly things touching my toes that gives me the willies.  I hope that all of you…wherever you live…are staying warm and dry and hopefully having more fun than we are here stuck in the casa.

The bad part about weather like this is that it derails progress.  I’ve made it to the gym twice in the past week…I’ve had to cancel several appointments for myself and my kids…I’ve been eating crappy food…the only positive is that I’ve not smoked. I’ve actually been smoke free for 30 days today (woowoo).  When mother nature’s involved, Murphy’s Law comes into play.  The plus is that I’ve not ventured out nor do I venture out in the snow so it’s pretty impossible for me to wreck my car. 

I guess a quick update beyond the usual snow gripe. I was offered and accepted a volunteer position as the Public Relations Manager for a very large non-profit sexual abuse organization.  This position will likely turn into something paid by next year.  I’m excited about it because I have a ton of great ideas that I will implement over my time there.  It’s going to be neat to be a part of something so big and something that will help so many people.  For my 9 readers, I may, from time to time, have to hijack this blog just to post something random about sexual abuse. I haven’t decided yet. As part of my job, I am required to blog occasionally about sexual abuse and do it in my way.  I suppose when that time comes, we’ll see how far I get in this blog and whether I actually tell my story or ramble on. 

Valentine’s Day was yesterday…I don’t believe in the holiday in and of itself, but I do believe in love.  I was actually at the hospital for a nice chunk of the day and I wrote this as my Facebook status while I was there.  I think it’s appropriate to share on here so here you go “This is kind of a pretty neat place to be on Valentine’s Day even with the bad stuff that happens here. If you think about it…lives are saved here, babies are born here, miracles happen here…if that isn’t love…I don’t know what is. Happy, Happy Valentine’s Day beautiful people!!! I love you all!!! — at (blah Medical Center).”  I left there not feeling so well and ended up pooping my pants on the way home…yeah…maybe too much honesty here…but I had one of those questionable farts…and it came out liquid.  I had to stop at Sam’s Club on the way home and buy some new pants.  I told Mr. SN about it via text and he said “if you really wanted new pants, baby, you didn’t have to shit in the ones you were wearing. You could have just bought new pants.”  Haha.  My day was pretty great and it wasn’t about flowers or jewelry or anything like that…it was just about the people in my life and the observations I made about life and the people that I saw.  I suggest that you take an afternoon to people watch maybe when the weather warms up.  It’s perfect. 

What else is going on here???  Really…not too much.  The white stuff has really put a damper on living life.  I’ve made some really amazing meals lately though.  Yum!!  Tonight is just going to be frozen pizza I think, which is fine because it’s DiGiorno, which is close enough to delivery.  

Do you have favorite pizza toppings? 

Is it truly an impulse buy…?

So I quit smoking a month-ish ago and joined the gym too.  I think I may have explained this before and if I did…please bear with me as I explain again…I don’t do resolutions. I actually used to make goals on my birthday – August 23 – because it’s a new year for me…but last year there was entirely too much drama in my life for me to even think about goals.  So I was like ehh…it’s the beginning of a new year and maybe I should do something because I didn’t do anything on my birthday now that all the madness has died down some so I made a bunch of piddly little goals to tide me over until my birthday…but I did make one major goal and quitting smoking was it.  My mind thinks like this though…if you take a really bad habit and replace it with a really good one…then you’re a step ahead.  So I joined a gym in tandem with quitting smoking.  I figured it was cold here and even though I have a pretty pricy elliptical in my house and a bunch of exercise DVD’s and things like that to have a home gym along with a really hilly ‘hood, the gym would be a good way for me to get out of the house and maybe make one new friend (which was on my list of goals because I feel so socially isolated sometimes even though I do have a lot of friends and acquaintances…again a story for another day).

So anyway…I got 3 free sessions with the personal trainer who was just amazing and I adored her.  She worked me hard but not so hard that I thought holy hell I might just die.  She understood that my ankle was reconstructed twice, that I’m still having some issues with the crotch hernia that was repaired in 2012, and saw that I pushed myself but also knew that I respected my body enough to know when enough was enough.  I didn’t stop doing what she told me to do, but there were a couple of things we did have to modify based on how I felt that day and she was cool with that.  So anyway…today was our last session and I saw good results.  So I signed up for a whole year contract of one session a week with her. Do I have buyer’s remorse?  Kind of.  I mean maybe I should’ve thought it through instead of doing it then and there because it was a little expensive (about half the cost of what I’ll save on cigarettes each month), but at the same time…I will be at the gym so why not pay someone to help me work out the areas that I know need work and set up a solid training plan minus my running and half-ass weight and full-ass ab routine….someone that I enjoy working with and someone that I feel does push me but not to the extreme like the first trainer I ever used did (the one that caused the crotch hernia in the first place).  Should I feel bad?  Is it like going to a car dealer and buying the car you fell in love with right then and there or is it a good thing?  Is the fact I’m asking my adorable random readers a bad sign or just me feeling bad because I could’ve used that money to say…feed starving animals at shelters?  I feel this way when I buy anything for myself except when I bought cigarettes.  They were my one thing that gave me no guilt.  Everything else I buy does unless my mood is wonky and I make the conscious choice to go on a spree (then everything gets taken back a day or two later).  I don’t want to feel guilty for making my health a priority, but maybe I crossed a line.

PS – I do have 3 days to cancel.

What do you think I should do?  Do any of you feel this way when you buy something?  If you have any stories of remorse, please tell them.

❤ SN