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I feel a little famous…

Not as the Suburban Ninja…but as me…whatever my name may be…and it feels a little strange.  I started my volunteer PR gig with the sexual abuse organization and they made an announcement to their 244K fans on Facebook (and however many on other social media platforms) that mentioned my name and where I was from.  It was much different from my previous volunteer work where I was anonymous…a name that I chose.  Needless to say…I woke up the next day with about a million friend requests. I actually had to ask the organization to take it down.  There was no link to my personal page in the original announcement…people found me on their own because I liked the page at some point.  Now I’m working on a professional Facebook page so that I can receive friend requests through there and they can add me that way.  I felt like a total asshole declining requests…I actually had to explain why…but sometimes you want to keep your personal life separate and have some sense of anonymity..  I have nothing on my page that I know of that’s public with the exception of my profile pics which are all cute little random ninjas.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a picture of anything but a ninja in all the years I’ve been on Facebook.  It’s like keeping a picture up of Guy Fawkes…I prefer for people just strolling by to not know what I look like even though I’m not horrid or anything…it’s just a me thing.

Anyway…so far I like the volunteer gig.  Right now I’m basically going over everyone’s blog posts and their state-by-state redo of sexual abuse laws.  I fact check, make sure what they write won’t offend people, that it has proper spelling and grammar, things like that.  Because I’m new I still have to get into the swing of things.  I have a new campaign I’ll get in a few days and that’s when we’ll see what I’m really made of.  I’ve only been doing two hours a day.  I have my first overnight shift on Thursday.  That’s when I’ll probably encounter some problems with the crisis hotline, scheduling, and everything else.  I know I can handle it though.  I was either born or evolved to be able to handle everything…I haven’t decided what just yet.

Well my beautiful reader(s)…I have to get dressed and go to younger’s school so that I can play student teacher for a while.  I hope you have a stellar day and I will write some more soon.  I do have a lot to say.  ❤ – SN