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Surviving the “Polar Vortex”

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that it was freezing ass cold today.  Schools were closed, including the schools of my 2 kids, and they are operating on a two-hour delay tomorrow, though there could be a potential threat of closing again, depending on whether it warms up.  I wish that I lived in some tropical place where it’s warm all the time, though I know the threat of hurricanes, tsunamis, and all that other weird tropical weather exists.  Instead…I’m trying to suck up the cold without being sucked into the vortex while dreaming of a warm, tropical place.

The house we bought, which is a long, long story for another day, was so piss poorly inspected that the inside of a lot of the house feels like the outside does and did.  I went into my office earlier to print some important documents and had frostnipped hands, snot pouring down my face, and watched as the wind blew with a fierceness inside the house at some plastic that contractors put up when they were tearing out parts of the house.  I also watched two mice jump from their nest area, which is nestled somewhere inside the brick addition, into the office, swiping spare insulation and taking it back with them.  A hundred thousand dollars worth of work to be done and no money to do it…no legal recourse…so we’re stuck in the polar vortex with a $350.00 plus a month heating bill, cold hands, and massive snot….not to mention a seriously broken house.

The plus is that any drink you put in certain rooms stay ice cold and scalding hot baths feel like normal temperature ones because the body is frozen, so there’s always a bright side.

Stay warm, my one lone reader…and try survive the vortex.  Layer, layer, layer and if you must, bring in a barrel, fill it with read magazines, and light that bitch on fire.  If you’re reading from a tropical place…you can go fuck yourself (or at the very least, invite me to visit).  🙂

– SN