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White Out…

The weather’s been ridiculous lately.  The casa has probably seen about 2 feet of snow in the last 5 days with possibly more coming on Tuesday.  This makes me want to move to a cabana on the beach somewhere.  The only problem about that is I despise the ocean unless I can see the bottom of it…it has something to do with creepy crawly things touching my toes that gives me the willies.  I hope that all of you…wherever you live…are staying warm and dry and hopefully having more fun than we are here stuck in the casa.

The bad part about weather like this is that it derails progress.  I’ve made it to the gym twice in the past week…I’ve had to cancel several appointments for myself and my kids…I’ve been eating crappy food…the only positive is that I’ve not smoked. I’ve actually been smoke free for 30 days today (woowoo).  When mother nature’s involved, Murphy’s Law comes into play.  The plus is that I’ve not ventured out nor do I venture out in the snow so it’s pretty impossible for me to wreck my car. 

I guess a quick update beyond the usual snow gripe. I was offered and accepted a volunteer position as the Public Relations Manager for a very large non-profit sexual abuse organization.  This position will likely turn into something paid by next year.  I’m excited about it because I have a ton of great ideas that I will implement over my time there.  It’s going to be neat to be a part of something so big and something that will help so many people.  For my 9 readers, I may, from time to time, have to hijack this blog just to post something random about sexual abuse. I haven’t decided yet. As part of my job, I am required to blog occasionally about sexual abuse and do it in my way.  I suppose when that time comes, we’ll see how far I get in this blog and whether I actually tell my story or ramble on. 

Valentine’s Day was yesterday…I don’t believe in the holiday in and of itself, but I do believe in love.  I was actually at the hospital for a nice chunk of the day and I wrote this as my Facebook status while I was there.  I think it’s appropriate to share on here so here you go “This is kind of a pretty neat place to be on Valentine’s Day even with the bad stuff that happens here. If you think about it…lives are saved here, babies are born here, miracles happen here…if that isn’t love…I don’t know what is. Happy, Happy Valentine’s Day beautiful people!!! I love you all!!! — at (blah Medical Center).”  I left there not feeling so well and ended up pooping my pants on the way home…yeah…maybe too much honesty here…but I had one of those questionable farts…and it came out liquid.  I had to stop at Sam’s Club on the way home and buy some new pants.  I told Mr. SN about it via text and he said “if you really wanted new pants, baby, you didn’t have to shit in the ones you were wearing. You could have just bought new pants.”  Haha.  My day was pretty great and it wasn’t about flowers or jewelry or anything like that…it was just about the people in my life and the observations I made about life and the people that I saw.  I suggest that you take an afternoon to people watch maybe when the weather warms up.  It’s perfect. 

What else is going on here???  Really…not too much.  The white stuff has really put a damper on living life.  I’ve made some really amazing meals lately though.  Yum!!  Tonight is just going to be frozen pizza I think, which is fine because it’s DiGiorno, which is close enough to delivery.  

Do you have favorite pizza toppings?